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I highly recommend Colleen Rutledge and her Perio-Therapeutics and Beyond in-office consulting. I had the good fortune to have read about her ability to motivate and improve the diagnostic abilities of hygienists and other team members in a Fall issue of Dental Economics. The testimonial of the dentist was so praise worthy that I decided to contact Colleen myself.
We were able to schedule Colleen for our in-office consulting in January, 2011. I was hoping to see if her abilities to transform a good hygiene department into a great one would work for us. I was not disappointed.
Colleen is by far the best hygiene motivator that I have ever met. Her knowledge of periodontal disease and its connection to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc is impressive. Her day long entire team meeting was very educational and delivered in an upbeat fashion that kept everyone involved.
By far her strongest suit is her passion for her profession. She spent three full days, hands on, with the hygiene team, seeing 6 patients each day for periodontal treatment. Her energy level is phenomenal and her ability to motivate and educate at the same time is key to her success.
Did Colleen deliver what she promised? A resounding Yes! Our daily production for hygiene has gone up an average of $1500 per day, seeing patients four days a week. You do the math.
And we are only getting started. Colleen is a shining star!
Thank you, Colleen
~ Trish Takacs, DMD

It was amazing for me to see such a humble hygienist explain how it is possible for an R.D.H. to produce $2500-$3800 dollars per day. Colleen has developed a unique system through her own initiative. She knows product usage, proper techniques and patient motivation. She can make your hygienist a much more profitable member on your team and do it with sensitivity. Your hygienist will love learning and genuinely enjoy being with her. Consider contacting Colleen soon because this new advisor is a winner! Get there before the line forms.”

Dr. Al Ousborne
Dental Economics columnist
Towson, MD

During the consultation you clearly explained the periodontal disease process, diagnosis and treatment and also provided data backing up treatment and results... and now everyone is excited! This includes our front desk, hygiene coordinators, hygienists, dental assistants and even the doctors! The staff was very impressed that you are still a practicing hygienist and that you also have experience as an assistant and at the front desk. You related very well with them and held their attention.

We are now implementing your protocols and thanks to your coaching, patient acceptance has been great! We know the information you presented improves treatment outcomes for our patients and these better results will translate into higher profits for our office. Thank you for sharing your wealth of experience with our staff. They rated it as one of the best training seminars we attended!”

Dr. William Huntzinger
Dental Health Associates
Sylvania, Ohio

I read about Colleen Rutledge, RDH, a true diamond in hygiene training, in a recent Dental Economics article and contacted her to do in-office training for my five hygienists. It was by far the best investment that we made!! She came into the office for four days, the first day being an all team meeting followed by three days of hands-on perio patients with the hygienists. Her energy level is incredible and her training skills impeccable. She is a still a practicing hygienist, in addition to consulting and lecturing. I have already, in only one week, seen a new energy level and comfort in diagnosing periodontal disease in all five of my hygienists. They have all increased their daily production up to $400/day!”

Dr. Trish Takacs
Lexington, KY

Colleen Rutledge, RDH, has been a Godsend to many of our clients over the past few years. Our practice management consulting firm believes that the hygiene department is the foundation for growth of all dental practices. In many practices we find not only many openings in the hygiene daily schedule (which we can improve easily), but we also find sub-standard clinical hygiene care.

An example of Colleen's work in a two doctor practice: Three hygienists were producing $44,000 per month. Through effective communication and scheduling (pre-Colleen), we were able to see a $10,000 per month increase in hygiene to the $54,000 monthly level. Fast forward two years (post Colleen), these same two dentists now have four fulltime hygienists (16 days per month each) who averaged $84,267 per month this past year.

Every client I have referred to Colleen has called to personally thank me and their question was: Why didn't you MAKE me call her sooner? If your hygiene department is holding you back, make this the year you decide to fix it and reap the rewards for your patients, your team and you. A higher level of quality care and a better net income awaits. Everyone wins!”

Linda L. Miles, CSP CMC
Founder: Speaking Consulting Network (SCN) and Miles Global
(formerly Linda Miles and Associates)

Your consulting program was excellent! Loaded with practical advice that can be implemented immediately.”

Rita M. Frey, RDH
Dr. Jeff Landon
Chambersburg, PA

We all loved you!”

Col. (Ret) Anthony J. Angello DDS
Chambersburg, PA

You are very versed in perio. As an assistant it helps me to know what our hygienists and doctors are doing.”

Pat Weidner, CDA
Dr. Jeff Landon
Chambersburg, PA

Your presentation was excellent, very informative and kept my attention.”

Dixie L. Summers
Scheduling Coordinator
Dr. Jeff Landon
Chambersburg, PA

We are so excited to have had the opportunity to work with Colleen Rutledge. Our patients have already greatly benefited from her insight as well as our hygiene department production, particularly with ViziLite. For example, for the month of July our ViziLite production was around $475 and in Aug. was $950 among three hygienists. Thanks to Colleen, we have skyrocketed to $2,975 in Sept. and in Oct. $2,375! That is incredible!”

Carime Murillo, RDH
Dr. Debra Gray King
Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry
Atlanta, Georgia

Colleen’s enthusiasm and passion for excellent care was obvious! The medical model and comprehensive approach to perio therapy make so much sense and the entire team is “on-board”. BRAVO!! ”

Jack T. Kayton III, DDS
Charlottesville, VA

The consult was well organized and interesting. It enjoyed it all!”

Karen L. Stafford, RDH, BS
Charlottesville, VA

The consultation was very helpful. You presented a lot of new technique tips and material. The presentation was also very attractive. I can’t wait to see the patients’ improvements!”

Yi Lin, Hygiene coordinator
Charlottesville, VA

Superb presentation and valuable input from someone who has been 'in the trenches'!”

Kathleen Lovettt, Scheduling coordination
Charlottesville, VA

Great consultation!”

Katrin Voigt, Dental assistant
Charlottesville, VA

I really enjoyed meeting you and bring in your class – you are awesome! Thank you for helping out office and for all the wonderful information!!”

Kimberly D. Rittenhouse, Dental assistant
Charlottesville, VA

Great job and were very informative! You also did a great job at keeping the stress level down.”

Patricia M. Kendall, RDH
Charlottesville, VA

I thought you were amazing! We all learned a great deal and everyone was excited to get started!”

Pat Firer, Practice Administrator
Charlottesville, VA

Great information! Very informative.”

Rebekah Murray, RDH
Wilmington, NC

So often the important role of the hygienist gets overlooked. I think this consultation put hygienists on a whole new level. Your passion and concern for the long term health of the patient was very inspiring!”

Christi Watkins, CDA
Wilmington, NC

I don’t think anyone I’ve ever heard has done as wonderful of a speaking consultation job as you! You are so good!”

Peggy Martin, Scheduling coordinator
Wilmington, NC

Thank you for your time today here at the University of Maryland regarding Piezoelectric technology. I greatly enjoyed the insight and feedback as this was the MOST we ever received about it!!! ”

Marion C. Manski, RDH, MS
Dental School Assistant Professor
Director, Admissions and Recruitment
University of Maryland Dental School

I highly endorse Colleen's program to all my clients and those who attend my seminars. Busy periodontists do not have time to educate their referring general practices personally. Colleen's presentations explain why, how and when to refer patients to the specialist.”

Linda L. Miles, CSP CMC
Founder: Speaking Consulting Network (SCN) and Miles Global
(formerly Linda Miles and Associates)

“I learned so much! It was a great boost after being out of school for fifteen years. Thank you so much for all your help and non-pressuring teaching skills. I’m excited to know there is someone like you out there for us hygienists!”

Linda S. Huck, RDH
Hygieist for Dr. Amanda Lewis
Decatur , IL

“I was looking for a way to increase referrals to my new practice. Colleen’s in-office presentation delivers a greatly needed message to your network of referring practices: how to identify and manage periodontal disease. This is a win-win for all involved! It transforms the GP’s hygiene department into a resource for comprehensive care and increased profitability as well as increases referrals to the periodontist, which provides mutual patients with superior dental care. Colleen’s Referral Enhancement Program has not only increased my referrals but also provided a unique way of thanking my loyal referring doctors. The feedback form the dental community has been excellent!”

Dr. Pouya Hatam
Blue Bell Periodontics

“The three-day in-office consultation was very informational and helpful. I feel so much more confident when practicing dental hygiene and talking to patients - especially when it comes to perio issues! Thanks for taking the time to answer any and every question we had. I can’t wait to see how our office changes!”

Becky Collier, RDH
Hygienist for Dr. Amanda Lewis
Decatur, IL

Enthusiastic, interactive teaching.”

Dr. Kurt Mackie
Harlingen, Texas

“What I loved about the three-day in-office consultation was the enthusiasm I witnessed in the dental team. They all were willing and ready to incorporate the medical model of preventive care. We would have never been able to implement these changes on our own. Now I am confident that we can! You have totally changed the scope of the hygiene department!”

Dr. Bonnie DeLaRosa
Harlingen, Texas

“The best part of the three-day in-office consultation was the hands-on with live patients! I learned so much information that I can immediately use on my patients.”

Rebecca Baker, RDH
Hygienist for Drs. Mackie & DeLeRosa
Harlingen, Texas

“Colleen is great consultant!! She is very energetic and has the ability to make anyone get excited about making changes. She made our entire denatl team feel more interested in the care of our patients.”

Becky Villarreal
Office manager for Drs. Mackie & DeLaRosa
Harlingen., Texas

“I have only been in dentistry for a few months, but Colleen was readily available to simplify things for my better understanding. I was thrilled and impressed with her knowledge and ability to present!”

Mandy Ramirez
Administrative Staff
Office manager for Drs. Mackie & DeLaRosa
Harlingen., Texas

“There are many advantages to having the three-day in-office consultation. The one-on-one with Colleen helped me to understand how to actually USE all this information in our practice…something that’s hard to do when sitting in a lecture hall. I was able to ask questions and get answers right away. I really enjoyed Colleen’s presentation style. She really knows her stuff!”

Javier Aguirre, RDH
Dental hygienist for Drs. Mackie & DeLaRosa
Harlingen., Texas

“I really appreciate the perio protocol and blood pressure guidelines and other things you sent us since your consultation visit. We have really improved the hygiene care to our patients. I will continue to recommend you to my doctor friends who ask about improving their hygiene department. You have gone above and beyond what you said you would do.”

J. Gregory Mayes, D.D.S.
Preston Dental Center
Cary, NC 27513

“When Colleen provided her in-service training for our entire staff, she did it with great skill and finesse. As an agent of change, she is superb. Change is difficult for most, but Colleen’s style of support, positive reinforcement, and effective role modeling allows her to bring about those changes in a non-threatening manner.

Now, thanks to her, we are providing our patients with the highest level of preventative and periodontal care with wonderful results. Unequivocally, our investment in her consulting services has given us great returns.”

Drs. Andrew and Deborah Junkin
Junkin Dental Associates
Abington, PA

“I just want to tell you how much we enjoyed meeting with you. Your enthusiasm and knowledge about the dental profession is so impressive! I was looking for a consultant to focus in on specific hygiene department issues, not on revamping our whole office. It seemed that every consultant I had interviewed wanted me to spend $40,000 on a whole office transformation.

You were great. For a fraction of that investment you dealt with the specific details I felt we needed work with. It was a very customized consultation and you "really get it"! You know what its like to be a hygienist and to remain excited about what you do .

The month after we spoke with you we made staffing changes and implemented many of your strategies and our hygiene production numbers for Jan 2006 were almost double those of Jan 2005!

Our production and collection numbers are fantastic and since we are producing so much more per patient visit we are less stressed when an opening shows up in our schedule.

Your meeting with us was certainly worth every penny.

Thanks for sharing with us and keep in touch!”

Dr. Robbin Cramer
Blue Bell, PA

“There are so many consultants with "ideas". Many of them very good ones. But there are precious few that know how treatment and patients work in the real world. Colleen Rutledge is THE ONLY consultant I have met in my career who can not only consistently and completely deliver everything she says in a treatment room with patients, but can train you and your staff how to also. She is a jewel in our profession and the rarest most exceptional consultant we have met. That's coming from some pretty hard core skeptics with 20 years in private practice. She has won over my entire skeptical office.”

Dr. Joseph Roberts
Rittenhouse Square
Philadelphia, PA

“Through Colleen’s efforts and diligence, my personal knowledge base has been upgraded, as well as services to my patients. Embracing her energy and zest for her profession, my hygiene department flourished into a resource for comprehensive care and increased profitability.”

Dr. Bruce Zucker
Croydon, PA

“With Colleen's comprehensive approach, my patients have become motivated and my hygiene program went from adequate to exceptional. She not only educated my patients, but also my staff and me.”

Dr. Paul D. Schwartz
Philadelphia, PA

“I never thought to pursue continuing education courses on my own because my dental office always paid for it. Since your consultation visit a few months ago, all that has changed. I am so thrilled that you awakened the sleeping RDH in me and introduced me to cutting-edge dental hygiene! Thank you!”

Jennifer Hare, RDH
Poquoson, VA