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“I had the privilege of sharing the platform with Colleen at the ADCPA Conference. Her presentation absolutely exceeded the target of showing the Dental CPAs how much the practice loses by not being in the 21st Century. No one delivers this message better!”
Linda L. Miles, CSP CMC
Founder: Speaking Consulting Network (SCN) and Miles Global
(formerly Linda Miles and Associates)
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“I had the privilege of sharing the platform with Colleen at the ADCPA Conference. Her presentation absolutely exceeded the target of showing the Dental CPAs how much the practice loses by not being in the 21st Century. No one delivers this message better!”

Linda L. Miles, CSP CMC
Founder: Speaking Consulting Network (SCN) and Miles Global
(formerly Linda Miles and Associates)

“There was something in your presentation for everyone – a great review and new info on inserts and tips for the seasoned clinician, as well as a clear introduction to the progression of the technology for the newer hygienist.”

Ginger Caruso RDH, BA
Vice President Northern Component of NJDHA

“Your webinar was one of the better and timely webinars I have done lately! I am always trying to improve hygiene department and after this webinar it has peaked my interest in piezo technology.”

G. William (Bill) Walker, D.M.D., M.A.G.D.
Butler, PA

“Excellent... Colleen makes perio treatment so approachable!”

Susan Richardson, RDH

“Great presenter!!! Made material interesting!! You are a tribute to your profession.”

Dominic J. Cicero, DMD

“Great teacher – the 'reality show' for real, successful, long-term hygiene careers; preventing 'physical' burn-out.”

Cynthia L. Garcia, RDH

“Great information – great speaker!”

Margaret Schally, RDH

“Excellent information and learning materials.”

Denise Hollenbeck, RDH, BS

“Clear, concise, enthusiastic – makes me want to come out of retirement.”

Barton B. Lorry, DDS

“I want to thank you for such a great course at Yankee Dental! It was such a blessing to have such a great speaker and learn so much to be able to actually put into practice and help patients. Thank you!”

Hygienist for Dr. Erik Cragg
Orleans, MA

“I really enjoyed your presentation at the Yankee Dental Congress. Thank you! I wanted you to know that I've already used one of your tips... I was thrilled to flatten the Arestin tip for easy and more comfortable access/application! YEAH!! I admire you and am so grateful that you shared your hard earned success with the rest of us. You are a wonderful teacher and an engaging speaker! Thanks again for the practical advice.”

Susan Cunningham, RDH,MS, MEd, M. Div
Brookline, MA

“I attended your course: ‘Death Of The Cleaning Woman’ at the Oregon Dental Association Convention. I would like to thank you for your outstanding course. I thoroughly enjoyed the information you provided!”

Tiffany Ainsworth, RDH, BS
Office of Dr. Thomas J. Holt
Coos Bay, OR

“On behalf of R.D.H. Dental Services, I would like to commend you on your wonderful presentations. Your enthusiasm for the Dental Hygiene profession is crystal clear. You have the unique gift of connecting with the audience, making your presentations truly educational, practical and enjoyable. You are enjoying yourself and the audience picks up on this wonderful quality. One class participant sums it at the Rockaway, NJ course, ‘One of the best instructors I have ever had- and I usually dread these courses- Great Speaker.’ I agree wholeheartedly.”

Christine A. Sims, RDH, BS
Curriculum Developer R.D.H. Dental Services

“Colleen lets no one sleep in the back. She motivates staff to return to the office and change things. Your heart pumps and you realize both the money and the time spent was well worth it! She always presents "in the trenches" useful stuff to take back to the office and put into operation immediately.”

M. Jeffrey Morton D.M.D., P.A.
Medford, New Jersey

“What an enlightening course - thank you for building everyone's confidence in their professional experiences! You really demonstrated how much we actually learn from our own experiences in our dental hygiene profession.”

Jaclyn Gleber, RDH, EdD
Vice-President Pennsylvania Dental Hygienists' Association

“Just wanted to say thank you again from Chester Delware County Dental Hygienists’ Association for your time, knowledge and very easy-to-listen to presentation today at Community Volunteers in Medicine.”

Karen Minnis, RDH, BS
Vice-President CDHA

“Colleen has an amazing ability to motivate those she comes in contact with. She is articulate and well educated in her field. I have observed, in awe, as she intrigued the entire audience.”

Heather Harr
Former Account Manager, OraPharma, INC.

“I highly recommend Colleen to any group of hygienists seeking to keep on the cutting edge and learn the latest treatment modalities. This information will certainly benefit the patients in the community and it will also foster a better working relationship between hygienists and periodontists.”

Joseph Amalfitano, D.D.S.
North Shore Periodontics & Dental Implants

“We had several awesome comments about your presentations for the Tennessee Dental Hygiene Association's Annual session! The attendees really enjoyed you and felt that your seminars were very informational! Many evaluations said: "Please bring Colleen back!" ”

Molly Craig
Executive Director Tennessee Dental Hygiene Association

“Colleen is a gifted speaker, imparting information in an interesting and attention keeping way. The course was interesting as well as full of information. Her delivery style was unique in that her humor and knowledge of the subject made the course one you wouldn’t want to miss! We would recommend this course to anyone who wanted to be on the cutting edge of periodontal therapy.”

Alberta Landis RDH, MS
Director of Dental Services
Community Volunteers in Medicine
West Chester, PA

Janet Marra RDH, BS
Community Volunteers in Medicine
West Chester, PA

Great information to get you motivated to use the new technologies in dentistry.

Colleen’s presentation really gets you thinking how to treat patients utilizing all available resources.”

Jamie Jirdern

“High energy speaker!!! Everyone becomes infected with her enthusiasm…it is highly contagious. Course moves at a high speed and the day flies by. Colleen is incredibly knowledgeable regarding the subject matter, but has no problem saying what she does not know. Delivered a plethora of information!”

Linda Moore, RDH
Continuing Education Coordinator PDHA

“I attended the Tennessee Dental Hygienists' Association Annual Session over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed your presentation.”

Sharon Smith, BSDH
Laverge, TN

“The seminar was very informative. Colleen has brought us up to the 21st century!”

Rosalind Neal, RDH
Ogontz Dental Center
Philadelphia, PA

“Excellent presentation. I like the way you” tell it like it is” was a great learning experience!”

David Tule, RDH
Board of Trustees PDHA

“Best CE course I’ve been to!!! Great speaker! Funny, interesting, and easy to relate to.”

Bonnie Saar, RDH
Williamsport, PA

“Great course. I would highly recommend this to any dental professional.”

Dara Derk, RDH
Sunbury, PA

“Colleen is a very strong speaker. She can educate with humor and yet you can tell she really knows her stuff! Such enthusiasm!”

Susan K. Lyons, RDH

“Great presentation! I am just sorry I was the only employee from our office to attend this seminar.”

Kay L. Fleet, RDH

“Everything was wonderful! Colleen’s presentation style is very down to earth.”

Bethany Anderson, RDH

“What a fabulous day with so much good information to take back to the office. Thanks so much!”

Jodi L. Yoder, RDH

“Colleen is enthusiastic…a great speaker! She really held our attention!”

Elizabeth McAlister
Jersey Shore, PA

“Colleen is very inspirational! She makes me desire new change. I would highly recommend this course for dentists.”

Lynil Gleen

“The South Philadelphia Lions Club would like to thank you for speaking to us in September, at Lauletta’s Restaurant. All the members were thrilled with your time and effort in explaining periodontal disease’s link to total body health. Thank you so much for being such a dynamic speaker!”

Anna Marie Montone, President
South Philadelphia Lion’s Club

“I’d recommend this course in a heartbeat! A great overall review and introduction to new products. Very informative…what an enjoyable day!”

Laura Bell

“Thanks so much for participating in our 4th annual Continuing Education
Seminar for the alumni of Northampton Community College. We are glad
you could share your expertise and passion for dental hygiene. You made
a positive impact and added so much to our symposium.”

Sherri L. Meyers, RDH, MS
Northampton Community College
SADHA Advisor

“I would like to thank you for an exciting evening of dental hygiene at the meeting yesterday. You are an excellent and inspiring speaker!”

Ann Breeswine, RDH
Westchester Dental Hygienists' Association