"Periodontal Program Support Forms, Letters and More!"

"Periodontal Program Support Forms, Letters and More!"
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Periodontal Support Forms Why recreate the wheel?! This DVD is an invaluable time saving tool that enables you to easily and quickly download these resources to your computer, use as they are, or personalize them according to your practice needs. This DVD provides all of the forms and letters found in the "Do-It-Yourself" Consulting Kit.

Included on the DVD:

  • Detailed Perio Program Protocol
  • Collaborative letters to the periodontist, primary physicians, cardiologists
  • Tongue disinfection protocol
  • Guidelines for referral to the periodontist
  • Fee recommendation and price breakdown for Arestin┬«, Atridox┬« and PerioChip┬«
  • Sample schedule for an exclusive 'periodontal therapy day'
  • Periodontal risk assessment form
  • "A cleaning is not a cleaning anymore" (patient take home)
  • Dental Hygiene Appointment Sequencing Protocol
  • Tips I use with P5 Newtron piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler


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