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A Program Designed for Periodontists . . .

The goal of our Referral Enhancement Program is to provide 'Appreciation Seminars' for general practitioners and their staff in order to say 'thank you' and solidify future referrals. Our one hour 'lunch and learn' style power point presentations offer 1 CEU credit to long-time or new referring practices and fosters collaborative care for mutual patients. For more information click here to view file in .pdf format.

Endorsements for Referral Enhancement Programs. . .

Linda L. Miles, CSP CMC
Founder: Speaking
Network (SCN)

“Colleen Rutledge attended the Speaking Consulting Network in 2003 and convinced those of us who met her for the first time that she has a unique marketing program for periodontists that can revolutionize their referral numbers. The number one reason that GPs do not refer is that neither they nor their staff know how to communicate this important process. In just two hours of one-on-one in their practice, Colleen explains how, why and when to refer patients to the specialist. Busy periodontists do not personally have time to go to their top ten referrals sources and do this individually. I highly endorse Colleen's marketing program to all my periodontist clients and those who attend my seminars.”

Dr. Pouya Hatam
Blue Bell Periodontics
Blue Bell, PA
“I was looking for a way to increase referrals to my new practice. Colleen’s in-office presentation delivers a greatly needed message to your network of referring practices: how to identify and manage periodontal disease. This is a win-win for all involved! It transforms the GP’s hygiene department into a resource for comprehensive care and increased profitability as well as increases referrals to the periodontist, which provides mutual patients with superior dental care. Colleen’s Referral Enhancement Program has not only increased my referrals but also provided a unique way of thanking my loyal referring doctors. The feedback form the dental community has been excellent!”

Joseph Amalfitano, D.D.S.
North Shore Periodontics
& Dental Implants
“I had the pleasure of hosting Colleen Rutledge R.D.H. for a seminar in which I invited 100 hygienists from our top referring offices. Over the years I had wanted to put a program together to present to the hygienists but I never found the time. Colleen’s program hit on several topics that our group needed to get up to speed on the latest in periodontal therapeutics. The hygienists were especially receptive to have another hygienist present this material. She covered various topics including a reflective look at the evolution of dental hygiene through modern antimicrobial therapy, magnification use, and the role of ultrasonic instrumentation. We had a 7 hour lecture and no one left until the end. Her wit and teaching style kept the audience’s attention throughout the entire presentation.

Since her seminar I have received many thanks from the hygiene community and Colleen’s lecture has sparked many of the local hygienists to offer different modalities of treatment based on the evidence based procedures she spoke about. I highly recommend Colleen to any group of hygienists seeking to keep on the cutting edge and learn the latest treatment modalities. This information will certainly benefit the patients in the community and it will also foster a better working relationship between hygienists and periodontists.”


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