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“I had the privilege of sharing the platform with Colleen at the ADCPA Conference. Her presentation absolutely exceeded the target of showing the Dental CPAs how much the practice loses by not being in the 21st Century. No one delivers this message better!”
Linda L. Miles, CSP CMC
Founder: Speaking Consulting Network (SCN) and Miles Global
(formerly Linda Miles and Associates)

2017-18 Course/Webinar Descriptions


  Dispel the Loss Leader Myth: Blueprints to Double Your Hygiene Production  Recommended audience: dentists only

Designed for dentists who want to revitalize an under producing hygiene department, this course focuses on unearthing the 'hidden' non-surgical therapy cases that are sitting in your charts! Learn a practical protocol that can be easily implemented for a successful periodontal therapy program. Practical applications for locally-applied antimicrobials including Periochip, Arestin and Atridox will be discussed, as well risk assessment and treatment planning exercises. Don't miss this career-changing course! As Linda Miles says: "If your hygiene department is holding you back, make this the year you decide to fix it and reap the rewards for your patients, your team and you. A higher level of quality care and a better net income awaits."

  Treatment Planning Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy Cases: Hands-on! (3 - 4 hr. course)

Early periodontal therapy eludes the best of clinicians without consistent diagnostics and comprehensive treatment planning. Key components such as consistent periodontal screening, probing technique and risk assessment are a few of the topics that will be discussed at this interactive course. Come experience first-hand the benefits of magnification while perfecting your probing technique and learning to place 10% doxycycline gel (Atridox). Treatment planning and risk assessment exercises will allow every participant to implement these skills first thing Monday morning!

Hands-on training on typodonts:
Atridox (10% doxycycline gel) placement
Probing technique

Written exercises in:
Risk assessment
Treatment planning from periodontal screening

Death of the Cleaning Woman: Changing Our Clinical and Professional Image (3 - 4 hr. course)

Hate being called a prima donna? Do you feel like dental hygienists are wrongly stereotyped? Come explore your professional value and expand your vision as we discuss some of the non-traditional opportunities often overlooked by most clinicians. This course also reviews technique tips and commission scenarios for locally-applied antimicrobials, including PerioChip, Arestin and Atridox.

Ergonomically Yours: A Call to Action for All Dental Professionals (3 hour course)

It’s time to take the plunge into the world of dental ergonomics. Ever wonder what simple things you can do to make your day flow more efficiently and comfortably? Ergonomics is the answer! Good ergonomic design is the solution to preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the dental setting. This course will explain some of the basic mechanisms that contribute to MSDs and discuss several ways to facilitate a healthy and comfortable approach to your workday. Ultrasonics, magnification, dental chairs, power brushes, aerosol-reducing products and other approaches for supporting both patient and clinician comfort will be discussed.

Incorporating Locally-Applied Antimicrobials: Easy Steps to Patient Compliance (3 - 4 hr course)

Want to incorporate locally-applied antimicrobials into your hygiene department but don’t know where to start? This course is designed for just that purpose! Learn rationale plus “hands-on” technique tips for three of the antimicrobials currently in use. Discover different technologies for periodontal charting, ultrasonics and the latest power brushes. Get ready to put these simple steps into action and increase patient compliance first thing Monday morning!

Introduction to Periodontal Therapeutics: Exceed Today’s Standard of Care While Increasing Office Revenue (All day course)

Dental hygiene practice is changing at an alarming, yet exciting rate. Keeping up with current research and procedures can prove challenging. This full day course is designed to assist dental practices with incorporating locally-applied antimicrobials, as well as other periodontal diagnostics into existing hygiene departments. In addition to hands-on technique tips and rationale for currently used antimicrobials, other topics addressed will be host modulation, magnification, ultrasonics and the latest in oral hygiene products and oral cancer screening technology. This information can be implemented right away!

Maximizing Ultrasonic Technology: For Visionaries Only (3 - 4 hour course)

The study of biofilm and the systemic link has initiated a paradigm shift in ultrasonic application. This course is designed to examine the role ultrasonics plays in contemporary periodontal therapeutics, as well as the rationale of hand scaling versus power scaling. Discussion of magnetostrictive technology will be explored, with emphasis on piezoelectric technology. Helpful aids for periodontal therapy such as magnification, electroanalgesia, periodontal gels and aerosol reduction will be addressed.

Transformational Hygiene: Little Changes Yielding Big Differences (3 - 4 hr. course)

Wouldn’t it be great to provide a high-quality hygiene appointment and increase productivity? With the seemingly endless parade of research and ever-growing technologies, dental professionals are hard-pressed to keep up with this propelling current. This course is designed to transform your existing hygiene appointment into a productive, stress-free, patient-centered hygiene program. Learn how to integrate newer technologies, products including locally applied antimicrobials and more! Get ready to implement these changes as soon as you return to the office!

What’s New in Ultrasonics? Exploring Piezoelectric Technology (2 - 3 hour course)

Ever wonder what “the Piezo” is all about? What makes it so different from “the Cavitron”? This course is designed to examine the unique capabilities of piezoelectric ultrasonics and the role microultrasonic tips play in contemporary periodontal therapeutics. Discussion of the rationale of hand scaling versus power scaling will also be explored. Helpful aids for periodontal therapy will be addressed, such as magnification, electroanalgesia, irrigation, aerosol reduction and periodontal gels.