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About our Consulting Services...
Day One
The entire staff attends a PowerPoint presentation / training session explaining the fundamental concepts behind contemporary periodontal therapeutics with special attention on the rationale for placement and technique tips for three currently-used locally applied antimicrobials, as well host modulation (PerioStat), prcatcial application of perio-systemic research and the importance of risk assessment. The day concludes with steps to enhance patient compliance and treatment planning exercises using six-point full mouth periodontal charting. This is the only day that the practice loses production.
Days Two and Three
The next two-three days are spent in Learning Labs, which is adopted from a teaching hospital model, and is the springboard to putting what is learned on Day One into action! Hygienists work chairside on live patients along with the consultant. Non-surgical periodontal therapy procedures are performed on previously-screened, informed and appropriately appointed family members, staff and volunteer patients. Doctors are encouraged to work a light schedule so that they may observe the Learning Lab. Additionally, one-on-one sessions with the administrative staff offers support for issues such as insurance filing, fees, codes, and proper scheduling.
Consultation includes
6 month follow up:
Scheduled monthly conference calls
'Monthly Monitor' spread sheet for doctor showing program growth
Unlimited email and phone support for doctor and staff
Perio Protocol
Training manuals for current and future employees
Detailed final report in durable binder
Materials used during consultation
  • Atridox – 10% Doxycycline Hyclate – multiple-site subgingival locally applied antibiotic gel
  • ColorVue probes – Flexible, plastic yellow/black disposable periodontal probe with ergonomic autoclaveable handle
  • Wrist blood pressure cuff – APS (advanced positioning system)
  • Arestin –1 mg Minocycline – single-site subgingival locally applied antibiotic microsphere powder
  • Oraqix – Non-injectable periodontal gel (2% prilocaine/2% lidocaine)
  • P-5 Newtron XS technology – Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler with irrigation tanks an LED light
  • Piezo Tips – 21 tips for basic scaling, perio therapy and root planing procedures
  • Periostat – 20 mg Doxycycline Hyclate – oral medication for patients with risk factors for periodontal disease
  • PerioChip – 2.5 mg Chlorhexidine Gluconate – single-site subgingival locally applied non-antibiotic gelatin chip
  • Magnification Loupes with LED illumination
  • Risk Assessment forms, sample schedules, key words/scripts, perio protocol and much more!
Results like the chart below can be a reality in your practice in just 6 months!
Revenue Increase Chart

Hygiene Department Analysis
Click here (PDF)
“It was amazing for me to see such a humble hygienist explain how it is possible for an R.D.H. to produce $2500-$3800 dollars per day. Colleen has developed a unique system through her own initiative. She knows product usage, proper techniques and patient motivation. She can make your hygienist a much more profitable member on your team and do it with sensitivity. Your hygienist will love learning and genuinely enjoy being with her. Consider contacting Colleen soon because this new advisor is a winner! Get there before the line forms.”
Dr. Al Ousborne
Dental Economics columnist
Towson, MD

“During the consultation you clearly explained the periodontal disease process, diagnosis and treatment and also provided data backing up treatment and results... and now everyone is excited! This includes our front desk, hygiene coordinators, hygienists, dental assistants and even the doctors! The staff was very impressed that you are still a practicing hygienist and that you also have experience as an assistant and at the front desk. You related very well with them and held their attention.

We are now implementing your protocols and thanks to your coaching, patient acceptance has been great! We know the information you presented improves treatment outcomes for our patients and these better results will translate into higher profits for our office. Thank you for sharing your wealth of experience with our staff. They rated it as one of the best training seminars we attended!”
Dr. William Huntzinger
Dental Health Associates
Sylvania, Ohio

“I read about Colleen Rutledge, RDH, a true diamond in hygiene training, in a recent Dental Economics article and contacted her to do in-office training for my five hygienists. It was by far the best investment that we made!! She came into the office for four days, the first day being an all team meeting followed by three days of hands-on perio patients with the hygienists. Her energy level is incredible and her training skills impeccable. She is a still a practicing hygienist, in addition to consulting and lecturing. I have already, in only one week, seen a new energy level and comfort in diagnosing periodontal disease in all five of my hygienists. They have all increased their daily production up to $400/day!”
Dr. Trish Takacs
Beaumont Family Dentistry
Lexington, KY

“Colleen Rutledge, RDH, has been a Godsend to many of our clients over the past few years. Our practice management consulting firm believes that the hygiene department is the foundation for growth of all dental practices. In many practices we find not only many openings in the hygiene daily schedule (which we can improve easily), but we also find sub-standard clinical hygiene care.

An example of Colleen's work in a two doctor practice: Three hygienists were producing $44,000 per month. Through effective communication and scheduling (pre-Colleen), we were able to see a $10,000 per month increase in hygiene to the $54,000 monthly level. Fast forward two years (post Colleen), these same two dentists now have four fulltime hygienists (16 days per month each) who averaged $84,267 per month this past year.

Every client I have referred to Colleen has called to personally thank me and their question was: Why didn't you MAKE me call her sooner? If your hygiene department is holding you back, make this the year you decide to fix it and reap the rewards for your patients, your team and you. A higher level of quality care and a better net income awaits. Everyone wins!”
Linda L. Miles, CSP CMC
Founder: Speaking Consulting Network and Miles Global (formerly Linda Miles and Associates)